London Terrace Towers

London Terrace Towers is a cooperative apartment building with an on-site management office which is located in the 405 West 23rd Street building, on the second floor in apartment #2E. If you have any questions feel free to call, email or stop by. London Terrace Towers is managed by Douglas Elliman Property Management, which manages 60,000 units in more than 340 buildings. William Walsh is our On-Site General Manager. Our Resident Manager, Izzy Betancourt, works with a staff of over 60 people including Lobby Attendants, Handymen, Porters and Painters.

The residential part of London Terrace Towers is managed by the Board of Directors that includes two sponsor representatives and seven resident members. To contact the board, send a message to The resident board members are:

Steven Newman, President
David Giroux, Vice President
Scott Koniecko, Secretary
Shai Turner, Treasurer
Ross Clark, Resident Board Member
Juliana Frei, Resident Board Member
David Klinker, Resident Board Member

London Terrace Towers Towers Owners, Inc. is also a part of the London Terrace Towers Condominium (which oversees the exterior, the roofs and several of the integral parts of the infrastructure) and is managed by the Board of Managers. The Board of Managers is made up of the Board of Directors plus representatives from three commercial unit owners.

All shareholders are eligible to run for a seat on the board, the election is usually held in November. Information about participating in the election will be distributed in the building prior to elections.

What follows are some of the forms and documents that are distributed to all tenants.

Work Orders

If you need to report a maintenance issue, you can inform the maintenance department via BuildingLink at
For most work in apartments, there is a $55 minimum charge, plus parts and tax. For specifics residents should consult with the Resident Manager.

Buildinglink permits residents to submit repair requests, read board and management notices, read building documents, receive email notifications, and post notices. To begin to use BuildingLink residents should open an internet browser and go to the above link and login using your username and password. Username and password have been sent via mail to all residents. If you did not receive them, please contact the Management Office at 212-675-2000.

Welcome Package

The Welcome Package is a booklet that is handed out to all new residents of London Terrace Towers. It summarizes the main rules and regulations in the building.

Click here for a copy of the Welcome Package. (In PDF format)


Bylaws establish the rules governing the management of a corporation, such as annual meeting dates, quorum requirements, and officer's duties. Every corporation must have a set of bylaws. Bylaws are the legally binding document that govern the organization.

Click here for a copy of the Bylaws.

House Rules

House Rules are developed by a co-op's members for the operation of a cooperative. House rules covers such issues as garbage, maintenance, noise and resolving conflicts.

Click here for a copy of the House Rules. (In PDF format)

Proprietary Lease

The Proprietary Lease is the lease signed by a cooperative and a co-op member.

Click here for a copy of the Proprietary Lease.

Alteration Agreement

Work in apartments constituting routine repairs, maintenance, or decorative improvements require prior consent of the corporation. Examples of such work include painting, or wallpapering, carpeting, decorative carpentry and the installation or replacement of window treatments or decorative hardware if being done by an onsite contractor.

The Management Office will need to be notified of any work so we may notify your neighbors as this work may cause noise and in some cases strong odors. Please note this work may only be done Monday through Friday, 9AM to 5PM.

It is essential for the security and orderly administration of the building, however, that any shareholder having such work performed notify the managing agent in advance by completing and submitting to the managing agent a registration form. A copy of this form can be obtained by visiting the on-site Management Office only.

Any work in apartments not constituting routine repairs or maintenance, decorative improvements, or involving the installation of certain appliances, requires the prior written approval of the managing agent, acting on behalf of the corporation. Examples of such work include the alteration of plumbing, gas or heating systems, the demolition or construction of any portions of walls or the installation of new plumbing fixtures or air conditioners. (The replacement of existing washing machines and new washing machine installations are strictly forbidden.)

Please contact Marc Stroud, Assistant Superintendant, at 646-792-9330 or to obtain further information concerning the requirements for this type of work.

Alteration approval forms and documentation (in PDF format):
Alteration Agreement Click Here
Contractors Rules Click Here
Contact Information Sheet Click Here
Work Registration Form Click Here

Sales and Subletting Documents

On the Douglas Elliman Property Management website there are a number of useful documents to assist in buying or selling a unit at London Terrace Towers.

They include:
Sales Requirements Document Click Here
Sublet Requirements Document Click Here
Finance Requirements Document Click Here
Sales Guidelines and Helpful Hints Click Here
Sublet Guidelines and Helpful Hints Click Here
Finance Guidelines and Helpful Hints Click Here

Click here for a copy of the COMMERCIAL CONDOMINIMUM House Rules. (In PDF format)

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